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Your Investment

Of all the investments you make over your lifetime, the most valued and cherished will be your family photographs. Money... Jewelry... Cars.. all lose their value with time. The value of a portrait multiplies with time.

The memories that ignite from looking at a photograph are not best described in words but rather in feelings. Look at your photos from birthdays, high school graduation, your wedding day. Look at photos of your parents as children and your grandparents. Those precious moments would be forgotten if not for your cherished photographs.

So, when you decide to make an investment in portraits, wether they be family portraits, graduation portraits, children or Newborn portraits, etc. know that it is the best investment you can make. And the best gift you could pass on to your children future generations to come.

The average client spends between 500.00 to 800.00 on their family portraits. This by no means is a minimum requirement only a general average to help give you a better idea of what you might spend. Financing is also available if you would like to make payments for your session.

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